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Sometimes You Just Have to Get Out of Your Computer and Look at Houses especially in Parkland Florida or Coral Springs Florida

It is great to look at properties on line – think of all the time we save by looking at those pictures of listings in the computers! But…. Do those pictures really capture the listing?  How many times do you see miserable pictures and pass up the listing because of bad pictures or no pictures.  As a Florida  Realtor, I admit to getting a little snippy – and thinking things like –

Well if the pictures are this bad, then the agent is probably an idiot and hard to work with.

My life is busy enough without having to deal with a stupid or ignorant agent.

I have my own job – I don’t need to do that agent’s job too.

Right? Don’t we all think like that?

Still….Even the good pictures don’t tell the whole story of the house. After all in the greater Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach areas, of our MLS  we can only put up 25 pictures. Do those 25 pictures really tell everything about the property? The neighborhood feel?  The light in the house at noon or dusk?  The feel of the house when you first pull up to it? It is hard enough for us as Realtors to get an idea of the house, but imagine what it is like for our clients!

I recently had a new client who had just moved to Parkland Florida   and decide to rent because they couldn’t find anything for sale that they wanted to look at. By relying on the on line photos alone, they eliminated the entire Parkland Florida , Coral Springs Florida, Boca Raton areas.  I completely understand that it is hard for a newcomer to Florida to immediately decide on a neighborhood, a life  style, and a price range and jump into the housing market as a complete novice. (Of course, my job is to educate them on all those things, but honestly – some people need a few months to get to know the lay of the land.) When you don’t have children that need to start school in a month, I think renting for a few months or a year actually makes sense, except when both interest rates and home prices are going up!!!.  But that isn’t why they decided to rent.  They decided to rent because – based on a bunch of photos on line- they decided that there was nothing in the Parkland  Florida, Coral Springs and Boca Raton  areas that they would consider buying.

Parkland Florida Golf

Parkland Florida Golf

When you move to a new area like the greater Fort Lauderdale area, or Parkland, Florida Coral Springs and Boca Raton you need to try on a bunch of neighborhoods. You need to see what the restaurants are like or where the grocery stores are.  You need to see if your heart sings in that neighborhood or it leaves you cold. You need to try on condos and townhouses – big buildings and small. A new city has new things to consider – and you can’t make those decisions from the comfort of your computer.  You have to get out and look at the listings and make some decisions based on real knowledge! Put your computer away and put your walking shoes on – start looking! You will find lots of surprises out there!

I know inventory is low but lea and I have been in real estate locally for over 35 years each and part of our job is to help you find that right neighborhood and right fit for you  and your family . we are certified relocation counselors and can truly be of service.

If you are looking for a new home, give the Lea Plotkin Or Rubin Wites ofPrudential Florida Realty a call 954-8028451. We specialize in working with relocating buyers! We have lived and worked in this area since the mid 1970’s let us show you why we call this home.

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